Wednesday, July 15, 2009

AZ Trail and fun moto singletrack

Over the weekend I headed out north of the peaks with some friends to ride some cool moto trail, as well as the newest section of the Arizona Trail. The AZ trail, at some point in the future, will stretch from the Utah border to Mexico, hitting all sorts of cool places in between, and it's strictly human-powered only. Saw the San Francisco Peaks from just about every angle
The aptly named Buena Vista hill was a killer to get up...those moto guys sure like to go straight uphill! No sissy switchbacks for them.
Old burn zone, very few trees but plenty of flowers in the Hochdoerfer Hills

Finally hit AZ Trail about 28 miles into the ride, and it's awesome. Huge aspen groves, ferns, shade, great views, and best of all a very tired-leg friendly grade. 7 sweet miles later wound up back at the cars, having seen a herd of elk, about a million mule deer, tons of wildflowers, and only one other person the whole day.


JQP said...

...I'll be damned. Is that Anthony? I miss you guys. Some see your teamate (that is if I don't get kicked off for riding a unicycle) in Tucson sometime. JQP

The Mayor of Drunkingham said...

Years ago I was descending down some ass-backwards stretch of trail or another in Flagstaff, and it had occurred to me that I'd not crossed paths with a single soul in hours. I almost wanted to just so that we could look at one another in acknowledgment of just what amazing days we were both having, but it was for not, and I went home to sleep it off. Always thanks for the bits of memory you serve up with your posts..

Director Sporty said...

What's that hiding under Anthony's jersey? Last time I rode Flag I saw some poseur coming up Schultz with an old Swobo "beer mug" jersey. As we got closer, we realized it was Steve Smith, and that I was the poseur. Good times. Next year Linden, let's get you out to Downieville for the race. I think you would do really well.

Lindy said...

Sean...that's my FUPA, pushed up by my pack-belt!

I am a bit pudgy these days, but this photo really augments my current girth...even Linden agrees I am not as fat as that photo shows...and she gives me a pant-load of shit for being fat anyways.

...someday, if I keep training, I will be that fat.


Director Sporty said...

That reminds me of what the Mayor of Drunkingham asks me when he sees photos of me, "How many cameras were on you?" As in, "The camera adds 10 lbs, so you must have had more than one aimed at you."

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