Wednesday, July 8, 2009

shiite happens and life goes on

So,alot to relate and catch up on.
My last entry suggested 8hrs of Boggs was about to take place.Do you even remember it?It was a good day.G.A.S.#4 was next(see knee blood)(head blood was Alldayeverything'08).Whilst following to closly the man in red and checking my feet(yup,still there)on nice leathery stripe inside a gravely corner of Kruse Ranch Rd.,traffic happend.The man in red veered hard to the outside,I overlapped and slapped down but good.(see knee&bars)Thanks to Dr.Bartels for the nice needle work.I have no memory of any more racing 'till Skyline.Another good day!Downiville is no place for a32on29".I miss everyone.Contact me, if you got underground racing.Read" Cheap"!

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The Mayor of Drunkingham said...

So, is it like a muscle spazam that makes you never not smile? I need one of those...

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