Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Good German

This is my friend Tobias. He's German. He and I worked together at Salsa for about 2 weeks back in 1994. He decided he would rather become an engineer than toil away making bikes. For 15 years he's worked at various big companies designing and making all sorts of complicated and cool stuff. Here he is with his new Holy Roller. At 6'7", he makes a 29r look like a kid's bike.

But he still has a boner for bike stuff, and he came up with a really cool way to turn your geared bike into a singlespeed. It's called the Excentriker, and it's an eccentric BB that fits in a standard bottom bracket shell. The part on the right threads into the frame, and the cup on the left allows the BB spindle to move eccentrically to tighten the chain. It obviously doesn't have as much "throw" as a larger EBB, but with a half-link you can cover any gear combo. It's fucking rad.

The drive side cup below...

Non drive side here...

It works with 24mm spindle cranks only.

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TOMMY GUN said...

that is, in a nutshell, "fucking rad."

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