Sunday, April 5, 2009

When I'm not riding,it goes something like this(overlay/skimcoat on existing garden table).So,to date,Santa Cruz(Rick's ride)county line,long course(100 mi).My first 1 speed century!Ahem!Some had 2speeds,but I didn't know this untill the sun came up! Next came G.H.#1,'09.Perhaps ya'll have seen the footage.(roger bartels1@comcast)13th in spite of the pro field.A really good day,it gave me unrealistic expectations for GH2.The biggest profield &the biggest Grasshopper ever!Oh ,the chaos!The first 20 mi went well,then came Marshall Wall.Long story short,I haven't come unglued like that since '98.Never been droped by so many groups,ever!Comic/cosmic collapse!After that,Boggs4 was pure redemption!Stay tuned for GH3.

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