Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The fun never stops

After work on Tuesday I got a call from Lo, my former co-conspirator at Salsa, informing me that she was in town with our man from the UK, Chipps Chippendale III, of Singletrack Magazine and The Outcast. So back to the shop I went to watch Ross Shafer, Dave Garoutte of DKG, and Chipps jam. The standout number of the night was a reaggae version of Black Magic Woman that Chipps snuck by the censors. By the time the others realized it was "reggiefied", it was too late. Imagine the look on someone's face after handing them a cookie, then after they take a few nibbles, telling them it's actually a dog snack. That's was about it.

Dave on his home made bass. And by "home made" I mean really friggin nice.

Here's Chipps channeling SRV on Ross' 50's Tele.

The instigator, Lo.

The next morning it was breakfast with the men from The Chub/The Hive/Perigeum Development/Formula Brakes USA/Vandelay Industries. That's a lot of names for just a few people. These guys are the best kept secret in the bike industry.

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