Monday, April 27, 2009

Race results and other fun

Couple of results thus far... When I haven't had the creeping crud in my lungs, I managed a 12th at The Santa Cruz Criterium Cat 3's. For those of you unfamiliar with this course, basically it is a bumpy 180 degree turn, a screaming downhill, and sort of a drag-race style uphill back to the finish. Despite one rider being pulled down by a ground magnet, it was a lot of fun. Didn't bring my Cipollini legs, so I duked it out for a pretty good finish. As usual my Goodyear Tire, Roush Racing, Pennzoil sponsored Soulcraft eased me around the course.

April 17th, I "guested" in the Cat 1 40-44 Mens X-Country at Sea Otter, flying the Soulcraft colors. I was cruising in 5th-6th or so when I decided to core-sample an off-camber righter with my head and shoulder. I easily lost a good chunk of time straightening out my bars and senses, but I feel pretty good to get 9th. When I checked back, I was only 9 seconds off 8th and 24 seconds off 7th. Oh well, maybe next time. Mr. Thurman showed up and conquered, crushing all, and the Sea Otters had a different course, at least different from the last time I blew up at this race a few years back. Thanks to all the people along the course shouting "hey Soulcraft dude" and "go Soulcraft dude" and "you suck Soulcraft dude."

Next up is Cat's Hill criterium in Los Gatos, CA. It's a love/hate race; I love to do well and hate when I can't avoid the ubiquitous pileup, the guy trying to move up from 40th to the front in one corner, or various last lap sketches. A fun race nonetheless, and here's to staying out of trouble-

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