Thursday, April 9, 2009

8th Edition of the ABC Rides-Spring 2009

We have reached the final dates for our 8th edition of the Tour de Trash. The A-Ride will head out from the downtown Petaluma Helen Putnam Plaza on June 13. The B-Ride will be headed out by Jonathan Lee on May 16 from the Norcal shop.

We are reverting back to a format that includes longer rides for the Spring edition in order to get back to the Tour de Trash roots and focus only on large litter items. In addition, given the efforts by Sonoma county to keep I-Street litter-free, there is now a lack of "safe" littered roads for our kids to ride on.

The good news is the Petaluma A-Ride route will include plenty of turn-offs back into Ptown for those riders with little time on their Sunday hands.

The even-better news is that I-street has been free of large waste ever since the Sonoma County Grant Efforts has added signage and cameras to our would-be criminals warning them of law enforcement. The Spring rides will uncover whether these are efforts are effective or whether our "trasholes" are just getting relocated to another area.

A-Ride Petaluma June 13 (9:30AM)

The A-Ride promises to bring back some excitement to the route itself other than finding the large items amassed by the road side. We will have 5 KOM's and 2 Sprint's in which the winners will collect swag. The route itself will also include plenty of turn-offs for any of our fellow cyclists that need to head back into town earlier.
  • Out I-Street from Helen Putnam Plaza
  • San Antonio Road towards D-Street
  • Up Red Hill onto Hicks Valley Road
  • Up Wilson Hill and onto Chileno Valley Road
  • Take Petaluma-Tomales Road up to Alexander Road
  • Climb up Carmody and onto Valley Ford Road
  • Climb up Gericke Road and onto Fallon Two Rock Road
  • Continue on Whitaker Bluff Road and turn onto Middle Road
  • Take Marsh Road and onto Valley Ford Estero Road
  • Climb up Valley Ford Franklin School Road
  • Dillon Beach Road into Tomales
  • Take Tomales-Petaluma Road and onto Twin Bridge Road
  • Back onto Fallon Two Rock Road
  • Valley Ford Road onto Walker Road
  • Pepper Road towards Bodega Avenue
  1. One group takes Spring Hill Road back to Petaluma
  2. Other group takes Middle Two Rock Road back to Petaluma

King of Mountain:
  1. KOM#1 Crest of Red Hill
  2. KOM#2 Lookout on Wilson Hill
  3. KOM#3 Top of Carmody Road
  4. KOM#4 Top of Gericke Road
  5. KOM#5 Top of climb to Dillon Beach
  1. Sprint #1 Chileno Valley Road (section after pond)
  2. Sprint #2 Valley Ford Two Rock (between Carmody/Alexander Road)

B-Ride Santa Rosa May 16 (9:00AM)

Jonathan Lee will continue to lead this ride out of the Norcal Shop.

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