Sunday, April 5, 2009

It Is Not All About The Race

Throwing up the first danish . Napa classic today turned out to be more about helping others than just race placement. Granted mid pack was fine , but more meaningful was the way the day unfolded. Yesterday went out with friends for a planned 2 hour , birthday social type ride . Found out in the morning that the birthday boy was only able to ride one and not both days of the weekend , so we doubled it. That evening made a call to a friend / future son in law about Sundays Napa Classic , he said he needed to get out no matter how he placed. I thought , that's cool. Got to the race and while suiting up a De Salvo riding pro guy forgot his kit ; loaned my extra. After first 15 min. as I watched my group pull away , still tired from yesterday, the geared exp. caught me . I ralleyed with them for awhile and it the midst of a techie section a Freewheeler from the city on a Sycip had ejected both his bottles . He asked , what else I gave him one of mine. The meaning for today "KARMA". It's not always about you .

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