Sunday, August 18, 2013

Wait for it.

I have been delinquent in holding up my end of the bargain for posting on this blog. As a part of the team requirements, I am supposed to be keeping up with this. You can imagine my surprise to find out that my log-in still worked. I am kidding.

Couple of days ago, maybe a few, I received an email in my inbox with a link to this video from my former team director, and my good buddy to this day, Dave. Technically, I was not racing for Soulcraft at the time, but I was riding a Soulcraft when I sunk my teeth into this sweet victory. Hence, the reason I think it is appropriate to post this video here to make up for my lack of posting(s). Plus I live in a foreign land, a third world country at that. Never fear, Sean, as I will be making my way back to the U-S-A, looking like, in 2015.

Without further ado, enjoy the video, and wait for it. You will see why Sean picked me up to be a part of the team.  You must have mad dancing skills in cleats.

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