Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ode to 2009.

"The cool thing about clouds," she said, "is think you can think of them as the sky - they will come crashing down, but through a force of nature, they go right back up."

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Into Thick Air

It is really a treat to come home from Colorado, and 6,500 feet of elevation,
and find that the bay area is in fact a very humid, warm climate with an abundance
of oxygen. It makes me wonder why anyone would want to live at high elevation
anyway. Honestly, I think humans were meant to live at sea level. But then again,
there are the epic mountain ranges such as the rockies that are simply too good
not to explore. And there are other miscellaneous advantages that come along
with the thin air lifestyle, such as the fact that your gloves will dry overnight
after being soaked the day before and one can get away with virtually never
cleaning a jersey simply because all the nasty smells evaporate right off in moments
(I've only let my jersey go uncleaned for a week or two so far, however).

So when I got home, the first thing I did was...drum roll.....
Get my wisdom teeth removed! That was (and still is), simply put, not
a very fun experience. With chipmunk cheeks, pain killers, and a bad
attitude, bike rides sort of stink. There is an incessant throbbing
behind your molars and everyone stares at you... I mean me...
But, as you can see, that didn't really stop me. Within forty eight hours, I
was back riding. Bad Idea! Long story short, I got a few dry sockets
and my teeth still hurt. Oh well, it was worth it really.
These photos are on the good old Perth fire road in West
Marin on my way to some sweet singletracks winding off the
Inverness ridge in various locations. As you can see, still the
puffy cheeks. And, courtesy of the west coast fog, wet gloves
accompanied me after having NOT dried the night before.

When I go back to school in a week or so, it it back to thin air and headaches...
But the view of Pike's Peak makes up for most of the suffering
on too little oxygen.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A million miles to nowhere.

What I really need is to take a cue from Loudass. He's someone who just lets life happen and doesn't get bogged down in the details. Like he so often says- "it's cool, bro."
We could all take heed to that advice. Don't sweat the small stuff, as it's all small stuff.

It's cool bro, indeed.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's the gift that keeps on giving.

How it came about, I don't quite remember, but this little piece of incredibleness ended up in my possession after some fuzzy Holiday party or another many years ago. I can't remember when, but it was obviously sometime after 1996. Anyway, the following evening I went to a Christmas dinner, and deftly stashed my loot somewhere among my host's possessions. Either the residents haven't noticed it this whole time, or they have grown fond of their small statue of Dave Maybre..

Monday, December 21, 2009

Losing my mind, bit by bit.

I must have wronged some force of nature because it seems like for the better part of the last two years I have found myself more often than not either sick, or injured. Every time I think I get on top of whatever new affliction has cast its curse on me, a new, and totally random occurrence rears its head, and knocks me down the next flight of proverbial stairs.
So what's a boy to do when finally, after long last he's feeling spry and eager to engage in the reindeer games, when suddenly his fender catches in the front wheel sending him ass over tea kettle, busting the holy hell out of his wrist?

Why he takes walks of course;

And works on teaching himself photoshop;

and though it could be argued that spending any amount of time riding rollers could be considered an unreasonable amount of time, I've even been doing my fair share of that.

Who ever said it first, said it best.
"I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired."

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Credit cards and sharp rocks

Last Tues. I met Art near Black Canyon City, AZ. for some trail riding and proceeded to slash my sidewall within the first 2miles of single track on a night ride. It was potentially a big bummer: old friends, new trail, great weather, no spare tires. We had to ride. What to do?

Good things to bring on every ride: 1. tire boots (e.g., credit cards); 2. duct tape; 3. super glue; and 4., of course, a tube. The super glue helped a lot due to the residual "slime" covering the inside of the tire. I had been using a tubeless set-up.

The above pictures were taken following my return to Tucson. The tire held---not only during the night ride and again in the morning, but it was still full of air when I decided that I need to install another new tire, albeit "leaking" from the wound.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hand Made Bike Show

Just a quickie here about the North American Hand Made Bike Show in Richmond Virginia in Feb. We just sent in our bio for their show guide and website along with this photo. So you're getting a sneak peek at the package. More details as the show draws closer. Here's what we wrote:

"I’ve seen a lot of trends come and go over the 20 years since I began working in frame shops and building frames, and over the 10 years since starting Soulcraft, the industry’s increasing emphasis on aesthetics seems to have overshadowed engineering and craftsmanship. It’s high time we returned to embracing the bicycle for what it is; a simple and efficient tool.Our focus is making better frames; built to be ridden rather than idolized, not something to be coveted for what they are, but for what they can do. The goal is always “build it quicker, build it better”, and we achieve it by investing in machinery, fixtures, materials, and by designing new construction processes and more accurate fitting methods. Then we move the goal post and start all over again, constantly moving forward. All so your bike can do whatever it is you ask of it, and do it well. "
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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ice Cross '09

True 'cross weather...well below freezing, windy, snow flurries, and a treacherous snow descent. Yay!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Trucker Hats - Goods Sale Until Dec 21

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Photo Credit

This photo of Steve Smith by Forrest Arakawa appeared in our holiday newsletter. My apologies to Forrest for not including photo credit.

BICAS Art Auction in Tucson

Happy Winter!!! I know, technically it's not winter yet, but living in Tucson has forced me to obsess about cool, breezer, even rainy weather. In the winter, Tucson receives much of it's precipitation. It even snowed a few days ago at the higher elevations. In short, I love it when the heat is gone.

It's also the season for bike art. The local bicycle co-op in Tucson, called BICAS (Bicycle Inter Community Action & Salvage) is a fantastic non-profit organization that serves the city as an education and recycling center for bicycles. They promote advocacy and recycling of the bicycle. The BICAS mission (verbatim from their website)...."is to promote education, art, and a healthy environment while providing service and opportunity for those in need." It is a Tucson original and I get a big kick from the recycled art bits, especially the welded pieces. Anyway, they have an annual silent auction event, which happened this past weekend, that can only be described FUN...and it raises money for their organization. Here are some pics. Enjoy. JQP

Monday, December 7, 2009

No matter how fast you are, you can never outrun your shame.

October will forever be known around these parts as Socktober.
Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

One of the last sunny Fall/Winter 2009 rides.

One of the last sunny rides of 2009. I rode out to Tiburon via the Golden Gate. Yes, there will be more sun here and there, but one of the last rides sans leg warmers and everything else and in between that can be bundled. It was a beautiful ride and a great reminder that time on the bike can bring so much more soul clarity and perspective in such a simple way. This to me is true bike love. Nothing compares to it and everything that has me baffled, becomes un-baffled and crystal clear. Darnedest thing ever, but I'll take it.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Cross. Converted my Groundskeeper to SS four weeks ago for my first cross race. Raced last four weekends. Snow the first race. Mud the second race. Dry and fast the third race. Mud, ice and this sweet vortex yesterday at Colorado State Championships. I'm hooked and will be back for much more next season...

Photo by Dave Kline.

Monday, November 30, 2009

morning ride

instead of rushing to the stores to purchase presents, i was hitting some early morning rides this last weekend. start with lights, and end with cool morning light.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

A George Hope sighting is not unlike seeing the elusive Bigfoot.

One minute you're minding your own business, tooling around in the woods, and the next you are face to face with that which is rarely seen, let alone documented.
A knot grows in your stomach as you fumble for your camera, and then he flashes you his signature smile letting you know everything is gonna be alright.
You snap the shot, and he finishes his beer as he deftly reenters the thick foliage.

Pre-Turkey Ride

On our pre-turkey family road ride, my father was bemoaning the fact that his bff has a newer and lighter bike than he does. He decided a new Soulcraft is just the thing he needs to one-up him. I agree.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tour De Force

Got a visit from Dan who is the Master Brewer at Bud's Georgia facility (that's it above). He's getting a new Holy Roller singlespeed and happened to be in town visiting family. Not wanting to be an ungracious host, I took off early to show Dan around town. After a beer and sandwich at a local cafe around the corner from the old Salsa shop where I spent 7 years toiling (10 total), we wandered over to see what new business inhabited the space. Our eyes lit up when we spied a bunch of fermenting and brewing equipment behind the roll up door.

A couple of guys invited us in and right where the old Salsa shipping bench used to live was a full fledged bar.

It's not open to the public, but since Dan and I both had some link to this place, they gave us the full treatment. They make all kinds of booze in there. Whiskey, Gin, Grapa, Absinthe, and yes, we sampled them all. The guy below is showing Dan the "hrdrophobic" properties of Absinthe (he distributes Mansinthe, Marilyn Manson's official Absinthe). I can't comment of the chemistry of it all, but I can say that I now know how that shit can make people crazy.

It had been almost exactly 10 years since I stepped foot in this space, and had some intense moments of deja vu, or maybe it was the booze. Afterwords, we made our way up the block to Bruce Gordon's shop. Bruce was gone visiting his mother for Thanksgiving so Dave DiFalco (on the right) of DiFalco Fabrications let us in to rifle through Bruce's drawers.

Dave was working on a 1949 Chrysler that has a factory remote gas cap and a 20 pre-set radio (nothing is new) .

The guy who owns the car used to work for International Harvester and check out the cool sticker. Makes me long for the old days.

I have to thank Dan for getting me to venture out in my own town. I'm not usually one to knock on someone's door to ask, "Whatcha guys up to in here?", because I'm always afraid of bothering someone while they work. But in this day and age where people are looking to strengthen their communities via business contacts, commerce, the arts, or what have you, meeting your neighbors is how it all starts. And if your neighbors happen to get you drunk, all the better.

Mocked behind my back by my own sponsor.

I may drink beer from a (glass) bottle, but it doesn't make up for the hurt I feel inside.

Photo by Skotty Pawz

Monday, November 23, 2009

Swap Meet Louie

The SF Bike Expo happened this last weekend at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. Pretty cool set up, with a bike expo, swap meet, cross race, dirt jumping contest, and a low rider bike show all in one. With the right planning and promotion, this thing could be HUGE next year, and after talking with one of the guys who puts it on, they're planning on it.

This guy races for Soulcraft. Notice the Bud in a bottle.

This guy used to race for Soulcraft. Notice the Bud in a can. You know he's bummed he left.

After all was said and done, we made a nice chunk of cash for a day's work. Considering that it was a swap meet and I didn't berate anyone for insultingly low offers, I'd say it was a rousing success.

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