Tuesday, October 28, 2008

mw in fruita

Here's Matt Wills on Joe's Ridge last weekend in Fruita, CO on his SS drop bar Holy Roller. More photos can be seen by clicking this here link.

Monday, October 6, 2008

ABC Fall Tour de Trash Rides are set for Oct 18

Hey Soulcrafties,

It's time once again to intentionally get into the roadside ditches, unlike what SteveP usually pulls off during races, but this time to collect trash.

Our "trash-hole" (as Yuri proclaims them to be) is set for October 18. Check out the latest info at the usual ABC Rides blog.

New member of the Soulcraft Family?

It's not every day that former Tour de France champion (?) Floyd Landis comes to town for a charity ride and shows up in your bike shop to borrow your autistic mechanic's Soulcraft while there's a dog fight going on in front of him, and after the ride proclaims the Soulcraft to be "one sweet ride." But, it happened today.