Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I have a fondness for highway 50, the "Loneliest Highway in America". Someone should tell that to the animals that live along the road. It was anything but lonely with all them critters on the road. We hit (but didn't kill) an elk, ran over a rabbit, and almost t-boned a cow. Don't drive this road at night.

After we reached Moab at 6am and got a few hours of sleep, we made it out to Sovereign Trail.

I thought a rigid bike might be just the thing. This is "Old Gold". The first singlespeed I ever built ('97).

We were lucky enough to spot the rare Hairless Albino Desert Ham sunning itself on the Slick rock. A sight to behold....

Wes at the Love Muffin Cafe with the Soulcraft "10 year" special. Was $8, now $10....

The people at the Love Muffin take special care with their customers, writing notes about their special needs for the cook.

On the way out of town we stopped here. Don't drive past this place. Worth the $5 tour.

We decided to take the "old" route.

Once in Durango it was straight to the pub for a "Run Whatcha Brung" bike show put on by Tom at Norse Cycles. Thanks for the drink tickets Tom. The guy in the middle there apparently has something for guys with multiple chins.....

This guy talks about himself in the 3rd person. "HB needs a beer!"

Durango's own Mr. King Cage in the middle. If you don't run his cages, you're supporting slave labor. If you do run his cages, you're supporting slave labor....

Don't tell anyone, but Soulcrafts really do grow on trees.

Next day met the guys from Lincoln NE for a ride. A nicer bunch you will not find.

Then it was to bed at 2am for a good night's sleep before the race. Except for Josh and Curtis.

Up early for stretching. Chris calls this one the "Deep Banana Blackout".

Despite reports to the contrary, Steve Smith was there...

Here we are standing in what I thought was the beer line. Nope. Just the singletrack to start the race.

After an hour of hiking, we reached the ridge for some killer views and rockyness.

Team Soulcraft at the finish.

Jacquie Phelan showed off her new Merkin.

Moments later Mitch hit the deck. Coincidence?

But he bounced back and made the scene.

What is it about a guy eating a hot dog? So sexy....

The crowd at Ska River for the after party. This is where I saw our new Soulcraft socks (which we had shipped to Durango Cyclery) being thrown out to the crowd as schwag. I bum rushed the stage and got 'em back.

Josh swept up the blood....

Guys in matching outfits and backpacks. Suspicious, yet intriguing.....

Matt Wills and Mitch Kline were kind enough to risk not making it to Durango and drove my new rig from Denver. Thanks guys.

Back on the road. Vegas here we come........

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A grand ol time in Durango

SSWC 09 was really a freakin good time. So good, in fact, that I only managed a few choice photos:Those are Souly shorts peeking out from under Santa's miniskirt
And this is the crowd at the Ska Brewing basketball game, complete with Jacquie Phelan's dreadlock necklace/beard

The race itself went surprisingly well, considering I woke up feeling less-than-stellar from the Derailleur Saloon the night before. There was climbing, there was hiking, there was chatting it up with my fellow riders while standing in a thousand-person line, there was sweet gnarly ridgetop descending, there was more climbing, there were naked people, there was a bacon-and-whiskey feed zone, and there was the finish line party with icy beer.
Does a ride get much better than that? I think I wound up something like lucky 13th, but who knows.

I seem to remember team pictures? Does our esteemed Director Sporty guy have them?

New Socks

New socks are in! Tall, wool, $12. Click here to get yours.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Here is to ten more.

The masses converged on the petri dish that is the Las Vegas Peppermill and with the likes of Skinny Matt, Big Steve P, Amigo #4, Mo Betta, Stan Beaver and the rest of this brigade of the damned, there was no way we could fail. Of course Jennifer the cocktail waitress most assuredly was of a varying opinion on the matter.
If I could bottle the stupefied gazes on the faces of our fellow bar dwellers, I could spread confusion the world over, but as it stands we just only need relax with the knowledge that the uninitiated in our presence will have stories to tell their grand kids.

Happy ten years Soulcraft.

I can't think of a better brand to have brought the house down for.

For the rest of JMac's set, go here.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kinderfest Muir Woods

I only thought it would be appropriate to post in honor of my first visit to Muir Woods and Mt. Tam. I have never done any riding around Mt. Tam, but have read lots about it via this blog. Maybe hopefully someday. My roommate Victoria mentioned that the Tourist Club was having their annual Oktoberfest type shindig, called "Kinderfest", and so I went with her. Here are some pictures from the Deutsche Debauchery.

'Made from Corn'

Me and the roommate

Digging the new Zeal Optics Orbs.

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