Tuesday, July 10, 2012


did a little 90 mile out and back to Brainard Nebraska where there lives a former motorcycle dealership that closed in the fall of 1990. they were a car dealer before that and a tractor dealer before that. there's alot of stuff there. lots of gems and treasures.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

odin's revenge version 1

some west/central nebraska local bike ride enjoyers put on a great event this weekend. odin's revenge. 180 miles on gravel. self suppoted with a few checkpoints and water stops. i'm hoping this one continues for years and years. i've always wondered what the roads around gothenburg, nebraska are like. you get no idea of nebraska's terrain from the drive by on the interstate.
registered riders were dropping out on the days leading up to the event due to the forecasted hell-ish heat. the rider meeting the night before was chill and with a small group. there was an awesome low key feel. and there was music played on a variety of instruments.
start time was 6am. cloud cover lasted a few hours and gave way to clear skies with temps rising thru the 80s and lower 90s. we were quickly soaked with sweat. the first two check points were relatively easy to get to but our little group struggled into the third check point. i made it worse by trying to nurse a flat into the check point. i should have just changed it but i didn't want to stop until i was in the shade at the CP. i left the check point solo. at 96 miles my riding partners had enough. certainly couldn't blame them for that decision. 7 miles out i started to realize being solo in 97 deg heat with 6-7 hour of riding left was perhaps not a great idea. i called in. i was picked up. i hated doing that. i figured it was better than the potential alternative.
upon returning to the start/finish area i was pleasantly surprised to receive the award for first place single speed. i did go the furthest of the single speeders, but yeah, would have rather finished the full distance. i'll have defend my title next year.