Friday, April 25, 2008


This is our buddy Ben Proctor. Some years ago while working for Absolute Bikes in Flagstaff Az, he bought one of our early Holy Rollers. Over the years he's ridden the crap out of it and recently sent it in for a repaint. He sent this e-mail today:

"It's good to be back on old baby blue finally! I can't tell you how nice it is to ride this bike again...I can't believe I suffered through so many months on another frame. I love the way this bike rides. Thanks again...six years later!"

That right there is Gold for a frame builder. We know bikes are a way of life for Ben, not just something he does on the weekends. So when he lays something like that on us it means a whole lot. When Matt and I started Soulcraft in '99 we had in our mind's eye a particular customer: rides because they love it, maybe races a little, appreciates a nice steel bike, and isn't going to be moving on to the next big thing in a year or two. That's Ben. He reminds us why we started Soulcraft. Thanks man, and here's to another 6 years of happiness on your rig.