Friday, May 21, 2010

Soulcraft Represent

Rocking the socks.

Couldn't resist the chocolate chip pancakes (See sign above)!

The 'frickle' er 'pickle' lady at the Lagunitas Beer Circus.

Beer and pretzels=YUM! Thumbs up to Lagunitas WTF.

Cheeky Cheers!

Yes, well, okay. If you insist.

Can't beat the Born in a Barn. Even the angel at the ToC start was happy to oblige!

One of these days I hope to be the guy hanging out of the sunroof here. Actually, I would prefer to ride on the back of one of the motorcycles. I could have sworn I saw Mr. Sean Walling decked out in a trucker hat and plaid shirt rolling in one of the team cars!
Porque no?

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