Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Holy mother of God.

Before I get into anything, I'm finding myself curious just where that saying comes from. Who was the mother of God? Nobody really talks about her, but I'll bet she's a real bad ass.
Anyhoo, I've neglected my duties 'round these parts and for that I am sorry. El Cap-ee-tan Gigantor extends himself for the betterment of me on the regular and all I have to do is come though here from time to time and throw some words down, which ordinarily is easy enough, but I've had a bit of a full plate as of late.
I have a wedding on the upcoming, bikes and beers don't ride and drink themselves, and I have my fingers in a million other half baked pies.
Today's as good a day as any to fly the Soulcraft flag and post a photo I took of The Bearded One. Even though he foolishly isn't riding a Soulcraft, I was.
So here is to another day on the blue and brown horse, and another way to sing the praises of the little company that can.

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