Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hooky (sort of)

On Tuesday I pretended I was a man of importance and traveled down to The City to meet with Mark Dwight, owner and founder of Rickshaw Bagworks to fit him up for a new touring bike.  As soon as I stepped on the ferry I realized I wasn't so important because I was taking a day off to travel 80 miles round trip to fit someone instead of them taking time to come see me.  The world needs ditch diggers too, as they say.  To add insult to injury, as we pulled out of port, Mt. Tam taunted me, "You could be up here right now, dumb-ass!" I did take my Dirtbomb with me so at least I was riding.

But I was reminded quickly that things could be much worse as we passed San Quentin prison.  Johnny Cash recorded a great album in there. Right there!

This sight never gets old.

Here's Mark on a townie we built them for a trade show a few years back.

      Here are a couple more we made for them.

The shop.  They make stuff right here.

I was unaware that Zach Galifianakis worked there.  All bags are sewn together with threads made from his beard.
Custom Soulcraft/Rickshaw messenger bag in the future?  Could be.....
On the way back we passed yet another prison, Alcatraz.  Another reminder that I was cutting school.  It was pretty much a work day, but way inefficient.  Probably the way most of our economy runs anyway.

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