Friday, June 11, 2010

What happens on a night ride...

When I flatted my 'cross tire on last night's Thursday night ride, I wasn't worried. I had a spare tube, right? Yup...with a hole in it. No worries, someone else has a tube, right? Not in anything close to the right size...OK, who has a patch kit? I'll patch it...hmm with this dried up glue? Maybe not.
Emptying of Camelbaks ensues, and someone produces a tube of super glue. I open it, and it gets everywhere, gloves, hands, and tube. We stick a patch over the hole, and while waiting for it to dry I realize....
I'm stuck. Oops. Well long story short, the patch held long enough to get us the few miles back to the trailhead, my glove fingers are eternally glued together, and I only lost one fingerprint, which is still embedded on the glue tube.

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