Thursday, June 4, 2009

We ride every Saturday, Yo!

When I asked if these guys wanted to ride last Sat, that was the response. What a stupid question. I was under the impression that you people, having grown up responsibilities like wives, kids, etc, may not be able to get out every weekend. Not that I was envious or jealous that they had such freedom. It just made me more determined to live such a fantasy life. That being said, Aaron could only make part of the ride because he had to attend a "couple's baby shower". Maybe that's code for something, but whatever it was, it was enough to lure him away from some sweet singletrack. I at least gave him credit for riding his Guerciotti cross bike up the mountain.

After Aaron bailed, we were free to start the uphill time trial. 30 second start intervals.John caught a few hikers that had started before him. Probably his new self-propelled Hunter.

Ian was riding what I thought was a pretty cool bike "4 inches of plush, seated travel".......

Until I saw this.....

Don't let this guy ever ask you to "cover" him for a burrito. He's loaded.

The end of the ride saw us lounging around the WTB parking lot with burritos and Tallboys, watching a couple guys paint the front of their shop. Then we were approached by two locals, completely separately, one asking if he should buy a Turner full suspension, which we couldn't help him with because most of us were on steel hardtails. The other guy said he was "new in town" and was "always looking for people to ride with". Hmm. Sounded like a rouse to me. There was a bunch of mumbling and "well, um, see, we, uh, don't really ah...", and then John mentioned something about his MySpace page and we all turned away. Never thought a bunch of losers in a parking lot drinking beer would attract so much attention.

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