Monday, June 29, 2009

Tahoe Rollercoaster

After dropping off my younger brother at a soccer camp, I sped to
downieville to get a a taste of the course before racing on it. I got a bit
lost on the climb, and may have done a thousand or so more feet of
climbing than was necessary. But, after eventually finding the legitimate
race course, I happily descended on my hardtail soulcraft. After successfully
maneuvering down the the rock section, which is featured on YouTube, and
enjoying some ooing and aaaawing from spectators with full-face helmets, I became
a tad too confident and found myself flying through the air and narowly avoiding a cliff
in the face. By the time I got to the bottom, I coud hardly move. Luckily, a couple from
sebastapol, california gave me a ride to my car twelve miles away in sierra city.

I then continued my road/mountain bike trip with a stop in carson city, a hot spring in
the middle of nowhere, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride in south lake, and "Hole in the Ground" on
Donner summit. I must mention that I got lost on Hole in the ground for several hours due to snow banks obscuring the trial. These photos were taken by my long time friend, pete-da-sneak (named after keak-da-sneak, while we were riding Mr. Toad's. So exceptional was the view from the tahoe Rim Trail, just before descending Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, that I decided to climb a tree to get a better angle. Of course, sliding down in spandex proved to be very unenjoyable.

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