Friday, June 19, 2009

Race Reportin'

So, although it is only June, my "race season" is over for the year. Ha. The AZ state series finally culminated with"my" race, the Absolute Bikes Flagstaff Finale. I put in craploads of work getting the permit, getting the volunteers to act as course marshals to avoid any douchebaggery (see for background), designing the course, etc. and I was SO ready for it to be over. But it all came together and went awesomely, I even got to race. It sort of went like this:
We took off from the start, somewhere around 14 of us singlespeeders, WAY too fast. I'm running a White Industries Dos Eno cog, and I had put it on the 19t cog just before this, anticipating the big climb. Turns out no one else geared down, and I was spinning hard and breathing hard practically right away. I came into the first singletrack section last, and tried to calm down over the first few rolling miles. When we popped out onto the fire road I was desperate already, thinking about getting last and sucking in my own race, so I slowed down. It was maybe the best thing I could have done, because after about a mile of the climb I started feeling a little more human. And, I could see the red jersey of the guy in front of me. Within another mile I had caught him and could see another guy ahead...I started feeling pretty good and picking people off, and by the top of the 2000 foot climb I was sitting in 10th. Now the fun started: 2000 feet of descending, all sweet singletrack. I caught some expert guys in the Hobbit Forest, then I pretty much had Little Bear all to myself: I saw no one but a singlespeeder on the side of the trail with a flat. My husband was course marshaling at the bottom of Little Bear, so I blew him a kiss and got a second wind ;) Barely saw anyone on the climb up to Schultz, then 4 more miles of gorgeous twisty trail to the bottom. Started hurting a little on the final push up Rocky Ridge, but held it together 'til the finish. So...9th on the day (behind a few really fast locals), which was good enough for 3rd in the state series. Yup, I'm the third fastest man in Arizona! And the prettiest one, I might say.

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