Thursday, July 10, 2008

Skyline SSWC warm-up

It’s been a few years since I did an organized & legit mountain bike race of any significance. Looking back on the Skyline event yesterday had me really thinking about the mindset of racing versus riding. The Skyline course was brutal, especially for an obese 40 year old on a one speed. There were sections of ridiculous climbs that no one could climb and those that only the truly strong could handle all over the track. The funny thing is that had I ridden that casually with a bunch of friends, I’d have been grousing and miserable about all the walking. As a race, its part of the game, buck up and deal with it, right? Why does my mind suddenly switch to this weird pain ignorant position once I put a number plate on the bike and pay money to hurt??? Anyway, I guess I need to do more races because that race brain mode feels good and seeing all my friends is even better. Look out, the big man’s thinking about a comeback. Race promoters beware, your support staff will be out on course a little longer than normal!

Oh, and Ario...thanks for the shove. Thankfully the cliff wasn't too big.

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