Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Doesn't he know I have a tie on?

The old crew from San Luis made it up for a ride a few weeks ago. Hams, Food Boy, and the BOM. Chris and Adam from Formula joined us. Usually it's a ride, eat, ride, eat, program but we only had time for eat, ride, eat, eat, this time. A 20 mi loop on Tam on the singles in 100' heat was enough for two rides anyhow.
You can see from the photo Dave hadn't got the memo that this wasn't a formal affair. In the middle of a particularly nasty stretch of singletrack, he was heard yelling, "Doesn't Sean know I have a tie on?", implying that his attire had everything to do with him pitching it into the weeds.

Being the hard chargers we are, as soon as we hit the couch it was lights out for the old men.

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