Friday, July 11, 2008

2008 Summit Center Classic

Last week was the annual Summit Center Classic stage race here in Flag. Since it was just out my doorstep (I rode to the start line from home), I figured what the hell, I'll go try and race some Cat 4 roadies. Now, this is my first road race...I had no fricken clue what to do. The first stage was a hill climb of 8 miles and 2500 feet, ending around 10,000 feet. That went pretty well since I could just ride it like an mtb race-pin it from the line. I took home the win on that one, and got to wear the sweet purple leaders jersey for the road

race at Lake Mary the next day.

View from the racecourse

Yep, thats a bullseye on my back.

We took off from the start goin about 10 miles an hour, and I guess I didn't realize that was a race tactic...I just thought they were slow. I went away over the first sprint prime hill, and worked with a masters lady for awhile. Then, since I had 'cross gearing on my bike, she blew me away on a downhill and I never got back with her. So I suffered in the wind for about 35 miles, then apparently that bullseye on my jersey worked for some other girls, since I got chased down with 5 to go. We rode together (man, it's easier than being by yourself!) til the final turn onto the 1.5 mile climb to the finish. I attacked around that corner and got a good gap, but with about 30 yards to go I blew up. It was ugly. A girl snaked me right at the line, but fortunately I had enough points to win the omnium! Woohoo!

I'll never again say roadies are soft, it was so bloody hard...

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