Thursday, March 4, 2010

Winter is Almost Over...(I think)

Well, this has been my first colorado winter (you know, with snow and stuff).
It has been pretty brutal, as far as not being able to get on my bike without
leaning on the edge of frostbite. But I did learn how to ski, which is sweet. I
got to go on a hut trip in the San Juan Mountains. Probably the most
memorable part of the trip was finding this icicle...

And maybe crashing off this ski jump into some aspen trees...

But I had fun for sure, and managed to smile through frozen lips

But I'm getting psyched to go back home in a week
to climb some trees!!

Trees in Colorado are simply too scary to climb...

And, of course, I'm stoked to ride my favorite trails (which,
fortunately do not have ice or snow on them).
Riding in the Bay Area is really quite nice
year round. Really, if I can change a flat
in the dead of winter without numbing
your hands thoroughly and putting myself at
risk of frostbite, then that qualifies as pure beauty
in my book.

I never realized how much I like a temperate climate until I
lived in a cold one? Hooray for the Bay!
P.S. I DID go riding today, but I had to
go back down the fire road I had climbed because
the singletrack was way too icy and sketchy!

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