Monday, March 15, 2010


I've enjoyed cycling all my life...blah blah. I’m sure you’ve all heard that one before…
Actually I really got into bikes a few times in life, so far. First time I was a suburban youth traveling around the neighborhood with the occasional jaunt downtown. I took a big break once I got a driver’s license but once in college I thought it would be wise to live more car free and since then I’ve been welded to a bike. Something I’ve noticed is I tend to always have a good buddy (or a few) that also enjoys cycling. And like all humans, some move away. When I look back for the good part of two decades, friends are like chapters in a book. Some are only a few pages and some are quite lengthy.
Anyways…I was recently feeling proud to know Cornbread. That MFer likes to ride bikes. I can barely hang on to his devastating pace, but he’s a friend and I know I’ll see him up ahead with a gentlemanly re-group. He also takes most of the pictures I post here, and I give him credit when I do. Not like I don’t have a camera with me all the time, but the dude takes a lot of pictures. He’s been a mainstay here in Lincoln for a while, and I hope he and I continues to call his hometown the same place I reside.
Last weekend a group of us ‘put on’ a town to town event. It was well attended and we kept to paved highway shoulder for the most part, since the gravel (our preferred medium) is soggy for a while due to the thaw. This cup of coffee saved my day. 110 miles and I took no food, duh. Plenty of water, but no food. Now, there’s plenty of food on the road in stores and stuff, but I really don’t need to learn that lesson again and again. Food is necessary for riding. And when you need it you need it. The Tom Tom in Dwight was a good stop and this is the best I could do for photog. Thanks in advance Cornbread.


mw said...

that coffee was followed by an egg sandwich and fries. that egg sandwich took some convincing on my behalf, in order to get preparred.

[mk] said...

You would make William Eggleston proud with that there fine art style photo.

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