Monday, March 22, 2010

Feels Like Spring

California Sunshine has never felt so good! I traveled
home for Spring Break and it was absolutely beautiful.
Perfect riding weather.
I even got to drive to the Big Sur coast for a few days.
Unfortunately all trails are illegal to ride bikes on due
to it being a National Fores and all.

I decided at one point that it would be fun to film a section of trail
on the Inverness Ridge, riding with my left hand and using only the
front brake. The results are shown below.

After a nice road ride with my brother, which took us over the Bolinas-
Fairfax road over the side of Mt. Tam and back to West Marin,
we ran into George Hope and the three of us spent some time on
a much-loved singletrack. We pretty much toughed it up with
some TLC and a lot of satisfaction. The next day, I almost
made it to the portion of the trail the we had cleared when I got a flat tire.
Apparently Stans dries up faster than I wanted to admit.

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