Friday, January 1, 2010

Questions of 2010

Registration opened at midnight last night. Do I have enough airline miles saved up to go? Party Animal registration? Do I convert (not for this necessarily, but in general)? Where can I stay? What's it like to spectate or maybe course marshall like my friend Emma who did so in bikini last year? This was the topic of our NYE conversation after some tasty sushi. Case in point - we were googling it on my iPhone to start figuring it out while at dinner, and then afterwards while walking to the bar.

And THANKS Emma for the coozie from 2009. It was the first present I received this year. My coozie collection wouldn't be the same without it. And your purse probably wouldn't have missed yours since I kept claiming it was mine. What a true friend - one that carries an extra just in case. :)

Hmm. Well, if these are the types of questions that will come my way this year, or this decade, it's gonna be s-t-e-l-l-a-r! High tens all the way around. And yes, that's a reference to it being 2010.

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