Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Between injury, insult, a different kind of injury followed by more insult, these last couple months have not been super kind to me.
However today I threw caution to the wind, defied my doctor's orders and went on a rainy road spin.
It was perfection. The hours spent on rollers and running along side my better half have seem to have paid off, as no lungs were dislodged on my outing.
I kept reflecting on just how much I love riding bikes. I will never be the strongest, or the fastest, and the older I get, the easier that is to accept. If I can only ever take a gentile spin through the rainy woods, with nothing in my ears but the wind and my breathing, I'm ok with that.


mw said...

that's good stuff and i agree. hope your future rides are fruitfull and pleasant.

[mk] said...

both hands on the wheel, there, crash! 2 and 10, 2 and 10!

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