Saturday, December 19, 2009

Credit cards and sharp rocks

Last Tues. I met Art near Black Canyon City, AZ. for some trail riding and proceeded to slash my sidewall within the first 2miles of single track on a night ride. It was potentially a big bummer: old friends, new trail, great weather, no spare tires. We had to ride. What to do?

Good things to bring on every ride: 1. tire boots (e.g., credit cards); 2. duct tape; 3. super glue; and 4., of course, a tube. The super glue helped a lot due to the residual "slime" covering the inside of the tire. I had been using a tubeless set-up.

The above pictures were taken following my return to Tucson. The tire held---not only during the night ride and again in the morning, but it was still full of air when I decided that I need to install another new tire, albeit "leaking" from the wound.

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The Mayor of Drunkingham said...

Is there anything MacGyver can't do?

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