Tuesday, December 8, 2009

BICAS Art Auction in Tucson

Happy Winter!!! I know, technically it's not winter yet, but living in Tucson has forced me to obsess about cool, breezer, even rainy weather. In the winter, Tucson receives much of it's precipitation. It even snowed a few days ago at the higher elevations. In short, I love it when the heat is gone.

It's also the season for bike art. The local bicycle co-op in Tucson, called BICAS (Bicycle Inter Community Action & Salvage) is a fantastic non-profit organization that serves the city as an education and recycling center for bicycles. They promote advocacy and recycling of the bicycle. The BICAS mission (verbatim from their website)...."is to promote education, art, and a healthy environment while providing service and opportunity for those in need." It is a Tucson original and I get a big kick from the recycled art bits, especially the welded pieces. Anyway, they have an annual silent auction event, which happened this past weekend, that can only be described FUN...and it raises money for their organization. Here are some pics. Enjoy. JQP

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