Saturday, August 29, 2009

Picking which foot is the best one to put forward.

As you all may or may not realize, next month marks the tenth year that Soulcraft Bicycles has been in existence, so to honor the occasion, I have already begun taking steps to ensure that my appearance is acceptable, starting with hem-taping several pairs of cut offs.

I remember that first trade show with Mo-Betta, Big Steve, Skinny Matt and The Sporty Pirate walking side by side like a mini wall of death, carrying what I can only assume was SC0000001. It was a red letter day, and the first success in a line of many.
It's hard to believe that if I'd knocked somebody up that preceding January, I would have a child that was starting the fourth grade this year..
Anyway, if you make it to Interbike, be sure to don your gayest apparel and slap the hand of the man who builds the frames that that make the whole world sing.

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