Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Man, if I only had a bike like this...

I saw this beauty at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco a couple weeks ago. Part of some Eco exhibit with examples of ways to reduce global warming. I love it when a bunch of smart people try to figure out ways to get more people to ride bikes by focusing on the bike. "What if we made it super-duper butt ugly, with a bunch of crap on it to make it actually harder to ride, and then put the bars on upside-down? That will totally work!" I told my wife right then and there that the reason she is married to a portly and unkempt man is that I don't have one of these. Then I would be a portly, unkempt, and mildly retarded man. There isn't a bike made that's going to save the world all by itself. We need parents (who themselves didn't ride much growing up) to get out there with their kids and show them that it's not a death wish to ride a bike. Otherwise, another generation of riders will be lost. If we leave it up to the smart people, we're fucked.

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