Monday, August 3, 2009

The day job and riding bikes = thumbs up!

My job for the next two weeks (August 1-15) has me on site at the 2009 National Senior Games at Stanford. My primary responsibility is making sure all 1000+ award ceremonies happen. They are happening all right.

One of the enjoyable pieces of the whole deal is that I can ride my bike around from venue to venue - it's actually highly encouraged. Not only that, one of the event sponsors has brought bikes on site and anyone can check-out a bike for free and roll it all day. It's so rad to see biking promoted like that. And people are flying around on bikes like crazy - it's nuts, but in a good way. They are even keeping a tally of the miles rode every day and posted on a jumbotron billboard at the front of the entrance.

I can only hope that when I am this age, I still keeping it real like these folks.

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