Wednesday, May 20, 2009

SLO ride, take it easy

A couple weeks ago I went down to San Luis Obispo to visit The Hams and the world's most enthusiastic framebuilder, Jim Kish. On friday we rode up Shooters and down Morning Glory. I forgot my camera on that part, but trust me, beautiful stuff. On the way back through the Cal Poly campus, we stopped by to see Professor Kish teaching his framebuilding class.

He has an army of machinery at his disposal, not to mention a bunch of hyper-smart kids that he has hoodwinked into making his stuff while the school pays him. Nice work if you can get it. That lathe above is one of about 12 Leblond Regal "shorty" lathes that have been in the shop since 1948. They all look almost new.

Let's see, which CNC mill shall I use today?

Finally Jim threatened to use the "Brown Master" on us if we didn't leave. So I stayed.

Then we partied like 15 year olds.

On Saturday we took the cross bikes (Dirt Bomb for me) for a jaunt out to Montana De Oro. I think that means "A Whale's pecker" in Spanish. So we rode the pecker and it was great.

San Luis has killer trails. Every one we rode was built and/or maintained by the folks at CCCMB. Thanks to Greg Bettencourt and everyone else there for all the hard work.

We had to stop so I could refuel. Hams said he would tow me home, but he didn't know that the "drafting" effect doesn't work when you're 20 yards ahead of someone. So it was me and the buzz of my 45c Fire Pros, fending off the wind on Los Osos Valley rd.


The Mayor of Drunkingham said...

That's alot of toilet paper.

mw said...

that's a quality time you described.

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