Sunday, May 3, 2009

Race report: Cat's Hill Kid's Race

I was completely psyched to race Cat's-I even decided to skip Little Mermaid and coloring the night before so that I would be completely rested. My mommy made my usual pre-race meal of Eggos and OJ, and I made sure I had an extra juice box in case I needed it.

I checked my equipment and headed to the start line. I was relaxed, but I could see that my rivals were tense, perhaps worried about their form. This was all the edge I needed. I moved up, toed up right on the front of the start line. The man in the orange vest said "go," and I launched forward. About halfway down the course, some sandbaggers formed a little break, so I stomped harder on the pedals. I started to think if my training wheels could handle it, but I hammered on. At the line, I took the field sprint with the bike throw.

With a good showing in the bag, I proceeded to pick up my share of the purse-a medal and a water bottle with candy in it. As I grabbed the schwag, a man said to me "good job" or something, but I don't talk to strangers. At that moment I knew my Giro preparation was complete.

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ariobig said...

Nice. Can't wait to read how you do on the next race without the training wheels!

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