Saturday, May 23, 2009

He's got a pool AND a pond

Saturday was the inaugural Hauswald Bass Tournament and BBQ. Held at beautiful Gypsy acres, the bucolic surroundings belied the fierce competition that was sure to take place. The guy on the right thought he had stopped off at the Russian River and was heard to ask as he emerged from his Mazda Miata, "Where all the white men at?" Then he grabbed a bunch of wieners and went to work.

MC Reefy made the scene.

This dude dropped his line in a bucket of KFC and came up with a lunker.

Team Soulcraft got there early and commandeered the boat. When they saw someone get close to the good fishing spots, my nephew threw rocks at them.

Of course Nyiri found a secret spot (next to the beer cooler) and had them just about jumping in his lap. On course to be "Sonoma County Angler of the Year", Matt has won more money so far this year fishing than he did in 10 years of racing bicycles. We may have lost him for good.....

In the end, it was Patrick's kid, Nico, who took home the first place prize: A Camelbak pack and bottles. And there's that dude again, asking Patrick, "Do you like gladiator movies?"

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