Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Proof is in the Pudding

Without further ado, pictures from the triathlon. It was worth every bit of the five dolla chop (fried chicken with fries) and Belikin Beer afterwards. On the side of the street I might add sitting in a parking lot. Not to mention hanging out in an Esso Gas Station eating candy, ice cream and drinking beers while waiting for the rain to pass. This is Belize!

Before the event, pumping it up. Our team. Breezie ran, Kelly swam, and I cycled. We called ourselves the "Soul Tornadoes". There is a hit song in Belize by Lovaboy called "Slow Tornado", and for the longest time I thought it was "Soul Tornado". Go figure. We happily adopted the name as a team. We are all Peace Corps Volunteers (PCV) serving in Business and Organizational Development Strengthening. The video is pasted below for your viewing pleasure.

Here is the bike I used. We borrowed it from a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer that ironically still lives in Belize. Technically, she is not 'returned' to USA. I flatted 1/4 of the way into my final lap, and carried the bike to the finish line. No tubes. Oh well. Life goes on.

This is Taylor, and this is the bike he started out with. It was also a borrowed bike from another PCV. He also had technical difficulties with his bike and the chain popping off. He ditched the bike, and picked up someone else's bike along the way to finish.

This was our team number. We were excited to have the number.

After we finished. Thank goodness we did.

The entire PCV crew including Taylor, who did the entire triathlon by himself instead of the relay team option. The gal that got us involved, one of the locals and PC staff, did both the relay and the individual. Talk about motivated.

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