Monday, November 14, 2011

Holy Hell. I am racing again!

Yes, that's right folks. It's been since June 2008 that I saddled up to race. Definitely have put in my share of riding miles plus some over the past few years, and now it's time to put the pedal to the medal. In Belize of all places. No public shame.

This will be taking place in Belize City, on a Sunday (November 20th), at 6:30am. And, it's a Super Sprint Triathlon meaning it's shortened. Please don't cringe. I will be competing on a team with two other Peace Corps gals, Kelly and Breezie, who will be doing the swim, and the running respectively. Yours truly will be the cyclist on board. It's 6.6. miles of cycling. The flyer says something like 10km, or something or another.

My training = riding a coaster bike on a daily basis through a village of about 2500 on dirt.

The diet of champions = conch ceviche, tortilla chips, tacos, Chokis Cookies (these are the bomb here - similar to Chips Ahoy, but definitely tastier) especially dipped in milk, ice cream, papaya, bananas, oranges, oatmeal, beans, carrots, broccoli, beets, potatoes, apples, peanut butter, eggs and pancakes. Of course some beers, Cosmos, and maybe a Cuban Cigar since those can be found on the streets around here. No telling what pre-race fair will be the night before or the day of.

My race kit = my Soulcraft shorts for sure, and maybe my jersey. I have a Peace Corps Futbol jersey, and that may go over my Soulcraft jersey. Oh, and the Soulcrafts socks. Probably ribbons in my hair as well. Shoes will probably be flip-flops. Maybe I shouldn't be wearing socks.

My bike = borrowed from a former Peace Corps Volunteer who lives here and races road on occasion. She is in the States right now pursuing pastry chef school in Chicago. Look forward to her return. I could get away with racing my bike that I use here in the village, but was offered this bike, so why not. Hope I remember how to shift!?!

My equipment = Peace Corps issued bike helmet that will definitely sustain any fall should I take a spill. Soulcraft water bottle because 6.6 miles is a long way...

I promise I will post pictures for my next posting. In the meantime, wish us luck!

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