Monday, April 25, 2011

tiV7 report

Last weekend was my sixth go at finishing the mighty TransIowa gravel road race. I have previously finished twice so I knew what to expect. Or so I thought.

The all important weather leading up to the event was nerve racking but actually ended up perfect for the gravel roads and for the day(s) of the event in general. But the dirt roads were slop and slow, with lots of pushing, dragging and carrying. The day-of weather made the dirt roads better as the race drew onward and they became ride-able. I rode in a big group of mostly Lincolnites for most of the first and second (of three) legs of the event. My riding partner and I eventually drifted off the back which was fine, but a few off course mistakes killed my chances of finishing on time.

I taught myself I can always relearn something I thought I knew. Never too late to burn yourself for not paying attention.

Legs and bike worked and felt great for 260 continuous miles tho. No flats, no mechanicals no cramps, one shared 24oz bud, lots of granola bars and raisins.

Pic is of me at Check Point 1 going thru my stuff. Camelback Octane pack was comfy and kept my essentials safe for the long haul. Thanks jb for the pic and the support.

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