Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I live in Belize.

And I had to go all the way to Sedona, Arizona to break-in my new kit….en route to my new home in Belize.

Yep. That’s right. I did break-in my brand-spanking, new Soulcraft kit mountain biking in Sedona, Arizona. Sweet kit if I must say so myself, and, yes, the other part is also true. I live in Belize as of March. Also worthy of the sweet stamp.

Going back to the MTB, I was indeed on a road trip that I had been waiting on for quite sometime. It just so happened to work out that I was able to tag team my road trip with my move to Belize. As a side note, no, I didn’t drive all the way to Belize. I drove from California to Texas. Okay, now that we have that out of the way, back to the blog.

Only two of my three Soulcrafts made the trip. The other one was nicely packed up and went with the rest of my stuff to Texas. As an addition to the story, I actually got misty-eyed when I had my last bike packed up after arriving in Texas. Sniff, sniff.

Well, one of the places I have always wanted to visit is Sedona, AZ, and this time I made it. The one word I can use to describe it is phenomenal. Not just the MTB, which seemed to be available, but the natural landscape, yoga, most of the people, and last, but not least, the desert sky. The desert sky at night stole the show. I haven’t seen the stars lit up like that in quite sometime, and the span of the sky seemed endless. It was beautiful, and what I needed. As for the cycling, like I said I was able to do a bit of MTB thanks to dude at a local shop that gave me the low-down. He even threw out some local rides in the upcoming days, but unfortunately I was not able to. Next time.

My next stop after Sedona, AZ was Durango, CO, and not only did I get to visit my of my dearest friends, I also got to sink my teeth into some road cycling. I would also like to add we got a dash of snow on our ride. Cheers! I did have to keep telling myself that I was coming from sea level to altitude, and while I do like to put the pedal to the metal at times, Ice Cube graced me with his lyrics during the ride, “You better check yourself before you wreck yourself.” Anyways, it was all worth it because we ate brownies right out of the pan for the entire duration of my stay. And of course, what did I find on the mirror in Colorado spreading the Soulcraft love.....?

As for Belize, I do indeed live here now, and have managed to plant the Soulcraft seed where I can until bikes arrive. Soulcraft patch on the backpack – check. Soulcraft sticker on the waterbottle that I received the first day at work here – check. Soulcraft hat – check. Soulcraft tee-shirt(s) & sweatshirt(s) – check. Soulcraft kit – check. You get the point – I am tried, true teammate. By the way Sean, I think it’s time to start talking cruiser.... Bikes are the primary mode of transportation here, and people pile on them. If you have ever been to Amsterdam, you know what I am talking about. It’s great to see all the kids at the school next door to my house ride their bikes to school, and to see that sea of bikes parked in the bike rack.

Aside from that, yes they do have a cycling culture outside of that meaning the, are you ready for this, the serious side. Insert Vincent Price’s voice from Michael’s Jackson’s Thriller there. This weekend I will witness my first cycling race here. In Belize Cross Country is road. Still wrapping my head around the local lingo here. Anyways, they also start the races here at 5am due to the heat. Serious heat. This morning I was having a conversation with one of the guys I work with, and he was telling me this year he is moto-pacing the event from the start. I am wondering if there is some way I can hop on since I have always wanted to roll on one of those. Most likely not, perhaps next time. I am looking forward to getting up, and checking it out with some friends since Easter is a huge deal here. We have Friday, the weekend, and Monday off. Most everything closes down starting tomorrow. Hell yeah.

To wrap this baby up, one of the gals I have met is into it from a laid-back, drink your beer standpoint, and has informed me the majority of the gals in the cycling culture here are into it from an in-it-to-win-it attitude. Both honorable in their own rights. We all know how we roll on the Soulcraft team. In the last conversation I had with Director Sporty before I left the USA, he said, “I had better see you on the podium down there!” Yes, of course, anything to ensure my place on the Soulcraft team. Even if it is on a cruiser! You had better BELIZE it!!! Stay tuned America!

p.s. On my road trip, I visited my little brother, who now I might add is 21, and I have to give the man some props for rolling with the homies. His first bike got stolen, as yes, for real, he does live in the hood (way to go USC!), and this is his replacement. He can leave it on his porch unlocked, no problem. It has a kickstand, and the seat slides down when he rides it. Hydraulics in action for sure. Sweet Stamp!

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