Sunday, November 21, 2010

No exceptions Saturdays Part 1 & 2 - Photo Essay (& other cool shit)

No exceptions Saturdays.


The view on the way up.

The view at one of higher points

Decision time. Chose the Serenity Trail & made the right one.

End of ride food. Well, the no remains of the off-the-beaten path BBQ joint. Ok choice. The BBQ was delicious, but not serving beer or any alcohol whatsoever is considered anarchy in the State of Texas when BBQ is involved. The establishment does not deserve hole-in-the-wall status. Lesson learned. The quest continues.


Great Rearview mirror shot. Like to see this!

The view on the trail. It was quite tasty.

The view from the top. Here is where the excitement happened. If you have ever woken up at Christmas and found that very thing you had been wishing for, you know the feeling here. Yes, dreams do come true. Waves of sheer bliss took over, and the ride went from a couple hours into several hours. From this picture here, you can see the trails go on for quite a bit. Which is exactly what happened - taken over with that giddiness not comprehending what's in store - then reality hits you. Oh shit, gotta get back somehow. Butt kicked and proud of it.

One of the trails. I like this type of school.

Now, this is definitely what I like to see post ride. Hole-in-the-wall Mexican food complete with a margarita to wash it all down. Would have liked to have seen a shrimp dish on the menu, but chicken fajitas was definitely worthy of trade-off complete with sports TV at the bar in Spanish. Thumbs up!


This is the drawing from my very 1st Soulcraft. I printed out the drawing and framed it. I haven't seen this piece of artwork in almost year due to being in storage. It felt good to see it again & look forward to hanging on wall. Look out Picasso.

Here is it is again waiting to be hung above the bikes (see below). Although, I do recommend if you take this route, that some lamination or stronger paper will be needed. I used regular paper, and I noticed it has started to bunch - meaning not holding it's flat, smooth shape.

My herd. All three of them Soulcrafts. Artwork in themselves. Complete with mud, dirt, lots of wear and tear.

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