Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We shot our wad(s) in Vegas

As Steve said below, our collective party at the Peppermill was a huge success, if you consider pissing off the bartenders, getting thrown out of your own party whilst in a headlock (Ritte), and closing the place out with some "French Toast Collage" ($12.95) at 3am a success.  Amid the crush of bottom dwelling industry folk, Hollywood slipped us an award for "Best Hardtail 2010" on MTBR.com.  Thank you to all of you who helped make that happen by posting great reviews.

For semi-regular viewers of this blog or the AHTBM blog, it might seem as though we live on the fringes of the bike world.  Not true.  We have our fat little fingers in whatever open crevices/orifices present themselves and like a tapeworm, allow the host to revel in their new found slimness until we poke our heads out for a little air, eliciting screams of horror.  Next year we are off to Anaheim for Interbike and plans are already afoot.

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