Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thank you kind sir for the a$$ massage. Please let me know when you can do the right side?

Yes, that's right. A nice heiny massage complements of one gentleman driving a sedan. Next, somewhere in the universe, someone will try to figure out to out a price tag on it.

Here's how it went down. Rolling through Sausalito, and climbing up a hill. Felt a forceful nudge on my rear as I was rounding the corner, and unless my seat all of sudden decided to play "grab a$$" with me, something wasn't copasetic. I was already riding on the white line close to the edge, so I know my road etiquette was polite. I kept rolling, and turned to look back, and there was a bumper nudging my left cheek. I locked eyes with the gentleman, and there was no hatred nor anger, simply a question mark as to why my heiny was his target?

I kept rolling, and finally the bumper left. As this whole deal was going down, I never reached for the brakes, nor clinched the handlebars, and nor flinched. When I caught a glimpse of my hands on the handlebars, they were at ease. After all these years, the bike and I guided one another. Awesome.

As I descended to the stop light, one kind gentleman was also there waiting for the light to change. We did the whole stare down song-and-dance. Where I gave him the, "beagle-dog-what-in-the-world-are-you-thinking" look, and he gave me the, "I am going to stare out the corner of the window, avoid you, and act like nothing happened."

Regardless, it's all good in the hood.


The Mayor of Drunkingham said...

It's the cross that folks like ourselves, what with the touchable posteriors and all, have to bear.

Jennifer said...

I know right? How can one resist a bum, especially mine rolling a beautiful steel frame? One must not mess with the laws of nature, such as magnetism. :)