Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dawn 'til Dusk 2010 in Gallup

After last year's snow and mud debacle that was Dawn 'til Dusk, I had my fingers crossed for better luck this year...and got it in spades. Gorgeous temps, warm sun, great trails, and a really fun event.
Missed the start by 5 minutes or so (oops), so had the first lap to myself and my friend Chuck. Fun twisty sagebrush singletrack, punctuated by steep rough climbs and descents make me smile. Even 10 hours in there were still sections that made me hoot and holler!Started passing people, nice and steady, but then began feeling really bad. Fortunately I had a big stash of Roctane in our pit area, and that quite literally saved me. That and some Twizzlers in my back pocket kept me going all day long!This first climb up the side of the mesa almost was my undoing every time...but I was racing geared this time. Yay Granny Gear!
I somehow managed to pass all the other women without realizing it, and found myself off the front by noon, then it was just trying to maintain.Final stats? First place, 108 miles, 14,000 feet of climbing, 1 flat tire, 10 and a half hours, and one awesome trophy:
They had a post-race BBQ with free beer and awards in this weird abandoned warehouse nearby. Veggie burgers and salty chips have never tasted so good.
Thanks, Dawn 'til Dusk crew-I'll be back next year!

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