Friday, February 26, 2010

A bicycling way of life....

Back when I was a—more of a—greenhorn mountain biker, sometime in the early 90's is my mind's reference, and in the beautiful town of Bloomington, IN., I had a few cycling heroes. While most US cyclists doted on Greg Lemond and Miguel Indurain, I looked up to Art Keith and Matt Battin. These two were (still are) the local mountain bike studs that won/win a lot of races (locally, regionally, and nationally) and also won a lot of respect through their low key teach-by-example style. They taught me a lot about bikes and ‘attitude’ and inspired me to ditch the car and make bicycling a way of life. Well, this past weekend I experienced the thrill of being part of a 24-hour relay team that included the same Art Keith, who is now a great friend (and still fast as hell) and lives in Flagstaff, AZ; Matt Battin, who (also still fast as hell) flew out to AZ. from Bloomington, where he is a bike shop owner in Columbus, IN. (; and local Arizona cycling legend, great friend, and the fastest bicycling-as-and-alternate-form-of-transportation-revolutionary I know ( ), Randy Mason.

It was quite a thrill I tell ya’.

For the proverbial icing on the cake, we had nearly perfect Sonoran weather for the 11th (my eighth) Annual 24 hours in the Old Pueblo ( and the race was on. Although I wish I could have ridden faster (I'm still slow) for these guys, I, nevertheless, had a great time, and I was once again reminded me of how important mentors and good friends can be--rather, are. Thanks guys.

I also want to thank Ben Proctor, Will Viktora Rob McPherson (and Tess) and many others for grand entertainment and superb support. Nice work to Soulcraft’s Keith Marchando—I wish we could’ve hung out a bit more. Next time.

Picture supplied by Ben Procter via Randy's and CJ's new bike show at

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