Monday, October 5, 2009

Riding Jones Trail in Colorado

I've been in Colorado Springs at Colorado College since late August. The Colorado riding (which is COMPLETELY different than California riding) is epic. I got into the collegiate racing scene here, which is relaxed to the point of wearing flannel shirts and cut off jean shorts as jerseys. So far, I have raced twice: once about an hour north of Fort Collins and another race at Sol Vista ski resort.

The rides in "The Springs" are awesome, but they certainly get overridden. I can't wait to
get to Moab, Monarch Pass, and Fruita. These pictures were taken on Jones Trail, which is about a forty mile ride with 4,000 ft of climbing. I think we all felt low on blood sugar by the top, but we were energetic enough to take few portraits of each other. The downhill is well worth the climb. Lots of whoop-de-doos all the way down.

Props to all who attended the 2009 Single Speed World Champs. It sounded awesome!! I was collegiate racing, but I heard some awesome stories. 'Til next time,

Keep da rubber side down. Peace,

Daniel Boyes

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cncrtathlt said...

Hey Boyes, you called the other day while in Moab.That would be Blue dot trail\Gold bar rim\Portal trs.G

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