Sunday, October 25, 2009

Racing report

So I hardly raced at all over the summer, but this fall has been full of racing. Started with SSWC in Durango, then headed to eastern AZ for the 60-miles-of-dirt Tour of the White Mountains. Super fun singletrack, great aid stations, gorgeous scenery...all of the Epic Rides ( events are highly recommended. Despite the 15 miles of dirt roads (not exactly my strong suit), I pulled off a 3rd place, outsprinting a girl that I've never beaten in endurance stuff before. Woohoo!
The next weekend, my husband and I drove to northern New Mexico for some huevos rancheros and a 12-hour DH race at Angel Fire. Sure, I wasn't riding my Soulcraft....but I wanted to brag about the most prize money I've ever won! Thanks to Red Bull for putting up cash for such a cool race.
Finally on to some AZ Cyclocross, the first 2 races of the series were in Flagstaff this weekend, a really fun venue at one of the high schools. I hadn't planned on racing much 'cross...but when it's 2 miles from your house it's hard to pass up.
Even though my lungs were not so hot (thanks, swine flu), the Groundskeeper and I shredded this giant pile of dirt and pulled out the win both days.

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