Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oh Snap.

'Oh snap' is what the kids say when they are surprised at something, in agreement with something, or are reminded of something. In this case, it's for the latter, as I should probably go ahead and mention that this coming weekend in the great state of Minneapolis, friends to the friendless, OneOnOne Bicycle Studio is hosting the third annual Art Crank Poster Show, and if you know what's good for you, you'll like, totally be there and stuff.
Do you like bicycles?
Of course you do.
Do you like beautiful people and cheap art?
...Or is that cheap people and beautiful art?
Either way, I say 'hell, who don't?'
Do you like beer?
Totally rhetorical!
Do you like rubbing elbows with world class, though as of yet undiscovered artistic luminaries that you can say, "I totally hung out with that person one night.. Such a shame about that whole overdose unpleasantness. Lucky for me I bought a piece of their work before they went belly up.."
Well then my friends, if you're within a day's drive or an evening's ride of downtown Minneapolis, then might I suggest you block a little bit of time out to come by and say hello?

Then next year you can look at the pictures on the site and get all 'where's Waldo-ie' in an attempt at trying to find yourself.
If you come and have a miserable time, I can almost guarantee that The Giant Pirate will reimburse your travel expenses.

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