Monday, November 3, 2008

The thought of our beloved Director Sportivator siccing the legal team on (us?)me puckers me up&hunkers me down for another lesson in tecnology .The act of finding my way back to the team blog is a minor triumph.Plucking a photo from the ether& planting it here ,routine for many,is...exasperating.Enough of that,sswc08,the tribal thing,different from all other racing,was a blast.Thanks to Curtis,Dr.Sporty,and a host of others,this event went off with a minimum of downers,none of which were part of my experience there.The weather,course,spectrum of racers&spectators(referees!)and a cooling mist of beer everywhere made for an unforgettable day.I didn't even make the activities the night before.There were thousands of photos shot that day,and if you follow this of thing,you've seen them on flickr,mtbr,etc..Dr.Sporty took some team photos that should convey the mood of the day.For now,it's luddite at the key board. 29th overall,1st race on the fresh holy roller,see you in Durango ! I must have gone back to work after that 'cause I don't remember racing again 'till the14th annual DFLCX final in sept..Camron&Kathleen,coronated King-n-Queen,took home the coolest trophys I've ever seen.Next was the Lion of Fairfax,one of the hottest,bonyest CX's I've ever done.Road from home,won the masters class,Holy Rollerd home.Won a nice over sized sweater with the wrong logo.Back to a pattern of contemplating CX,then going back to sleep.Riding for free in the after noon.Biketober Fest,another great ride into town,not enough time to connect with everyone,to drunk /dark to ride home.More good times!Lastly but not least,it was up to Gianni country for the all day every thing.Drew blood that day!Check out the whole thing on RogerBartels1@comcast.Pictures,map,profile,the works.Or wait 'till I figure out how to deliver a photo here.G

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